Benefit and job description

Vacancies and remuneration

1. Occupations

Programmer, Web-designer located in Takamatsu

Programmer located in Tokyo

Sales representative Takamatsu

Office worker Takamatsu

2. Allowance

Allowance associated with position (overtime pay), commute allowance and dependant allowance

3. Raise in salary


4. Bonus

Twice a year ( December, March in principle)

5. Place of Business

- Inside of Kagawa Industrial Intellectual Center

6. Office Hours

8 hours a day( core time flex system of 10:00-17:30), enter the office at 8?F30 during training.

7. Holiday

Irregular five-day work week ( Saturday is a work day on the week with a public holiday)

8. Vacation

Year-end and New Year holiday vacation, paid holiday, special vacation (Celebration and condolences etc.)

9. Welfare Expense

Health insurance, welfare pension, unemployment insurance, employee accident compensation insurance, employee pension fund, small-and-medium-sized-enterprises retirement allowance

10. Educational System

New employee training About six to 12 months(C/C++ language, Java language, and Network construction etc.)


Application and selection process

1. Recruitment

Several programmers

2. Goal

♦ Hiring graduates ♦ Applicants should have graduated within the last 3 years

3. Qualifications

♦ Experience in software and hardware design will be an advantage
♦ Degree in the fields of science and technology
♦ Degree or aspired degree in the fields of economics as well as software engineering or similar studies that include studies of humanities such as linguistics, biology or genetic engineering or mathematics will be an advantage.
♦ Graduates in the fields of Geophysics with relevant knowledge of GIS (geographic information systems) preferred.
♦ We will also consider applicants with relevant knowledge and experience in IT related fields holding a degree in humanities or science

4. Documents

♦ Resume incl. photo ♦ Performance Certificate ♦ Graduation Certificate

5. Selection

[ First Assessment ] Acceptable at any time
[ Content of Assessment ]
First selection round: Written test (* 1 , English, SPI2)   (*1 named after information processing program)
Second selection round: Interview (presentation)
※Applicants passing the first round will be contacted individually and informed about the details of round two.
<Hereafter, if deemed necessary practical application of skills (design, programming, etc.) will be tested.>

6. Application method

Applicants may submit application including all required documents via email or post to our main office.
※For email applications: submit your name + pronunciation, school, faculty and department and contact phone number.
Address fro applications: Umi Bldg. 4F, Kotobukicho 1-1-28, 760-0023 Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture

7. Location selection

<Location of first selection round>
One of the following locations
1.Company headquarters at 2217-6,Hayashi-cho,Takamatsu City,Kagawa
2.Zunoka Centre Branch at Kagawa Foundation for Support of the Industries Zunoka Center, 2217-15 Hayashi-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture
※ Location will be determined by company and applicant will be informed accordingly