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Our ITC (IT Coordinator) is well versed both in Management and IT. Our qualified personnel supports the customer in questions regarding their corporate IT.

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Establishment of the Medical Information Systems Division
♦ Hospital information systems
   (ordering systems, electronic medical record systems)
♦ Hospital logistics management systems, regional logistics
   cooperation systems
♦ ME management system for new pharmaceutical affairs law,
   DWH for business Analysis

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Sharing sites of mathematics teaching materials"math pub"

Is the site of world's first that can be shared with users around the world
the math materials (elementary school, junior high school course in Japan)
15 years from six years. Generates a problem that does not overlap, you
can automatical create up to answer. >> math pub sites
contact us for private MathPub site is here


Our company made great efforts developing a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) tailored to the needs of the customer.

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